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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  September 22, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> good morning. >> our top stories in just a moment. but first let's take a look outside with our meteorologist. >> first day of fall. 10:49 today. we say good-bye to summer. >> wait a minute. >> i don't mind the fall, but it's what's after fall that i don't like. >> give youg something, i have to give you tops because he see's julie makes muffance. >> right. and he doesn't bring us anything down. >> and i did. >> you let us know. thank you. >> these are good, too. ginger bread. >> delicious. i already had two. >> here's one more. >> i couldn't possibly. now you've eaton up all my weather time. let's look at the doppler here.
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no precipitation but we are seeing cloud cover associated with a an approaching front that so could bring showers later this afternoon and into the evening hours. we'll give it about a 40% chance. 67 degrees. the humidity was dropping. now down to 81%. south-southwest wind. there is much cooler weather on the way. coming up. >> a big story is first lady michelle obama's visit to baltimore. >> tv cameras weren't allowed inside this venue. but those who paid to get in tell 11 news report thear the first lady got rock star reception. >> it was beyond anything i've ever heard. i never heard anyone walk on the stage and get such eruption
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of powerful love. >> some of the 2,000 supporters who packed the arts center described a loud and long explosion of cheers as first lady michelle obama took the stage. >> it did really erupt. she hardly could get started talking and people just wouldn't let her talk. >> only print journalists were allowed inside. no tv cameras allowed. but supporters shared some pictures as they explained the consistent themes. most say she focused a lot on education and health care. >> about college students and financial aid. i'm a student here graduating senior and i go to school on federal aid. and if it wasn't for the bills that barack obama has passed i would be unable to attend. so that was the highlight. >> attendees had a choice of tickets with prices ranging from 100 to $10,000. those inside describe a multigenerational crowd. the choir performed and a senior officially introduced
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the first lady. the event was announced late last month. organizers say a spontaneous group came together and rallied to get the first lady to baltimore and morgan state university. >> a lot of planning, a lot of hope and joy about the upcoming election. and to know that the first lady of these entire united states is coming to baltimore in support of her husband in support of the democratic party, it's a great joy for us. >> we're starting to get a better glimpse at the financial picture of mitt and an romney this morning after his campaign release it had tax returns. >> mitt romni -- >> he earned more than 13 million mostly from investment income. of that he paid about 2 million in taxes or a rate of 14%.
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as the candidate steps up his appearances and his attacks. >> he said he can't change washington from inside. he can only change it from outside. we're going to give him that chance in november. >> it was romney's rapid response to the president. >> you can't change washington just from the inside. you change it from the outside. >> but in virginia, mr. obama has hid own comeback. >> he set up a rally called i'll get the job done from the inside. what kind of inside job is he talking about? >> the sparg also continued in new orleans. >> voucher program is not going to be a good deal. >> at an aarp conference. >> the first step to a stronger medicare is to repeal obama care. because it represents the worst of both worlds. >> political analysts on the significant of senior support. >> it doesn't matter if you're
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75 or 25. the difference is old people vote. they vote in much greater proportion than younger people. >> mitt romney at 65 has campaign also released a health report from his doctor who declared the candidate healthy and physically fit to meet the rigorous demands of the presidency. >> the november ballot in will be crowded with same sex marriage to dispell the myth that all african american ministers oppose same sex marriage. they say this is a civil rights issue adding that theological debates belong in church not in government. but opponents say reverend sharpton doesn't speak for the entire community. >> i think many in the baptist faith and even in the community would say he's gone renegade with the belief system and i don't think he holds a lot of clout. >> internal polling indicates
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that more voters oppose same sex marriage than support it. remember you can always get the latest political news on our website. there you'll find the most up-to-date information. >> one man is dead after an early morning stabbing in west baltimore around 2:00 in the morning. police say that's where they found a 34-year-old man on the ground unresponsive. we're told he had stab wounds to the upper body. he was taken to shock trauma but dade minutes later. so far there's no word on a suspect or possible motive. meanwhile an update to a west baltimore shooting. the gunman chased down 24-year-old audi mickance and kept shooting even when he was lying on the ground around 2:30 . homicide detectives are still searching for that shooter. they believe he toss it had weapon nearby before running off.
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>> we have more information about a couple of serious clashes. one along i-97. sky team 11 was over that scene around 4:15. the crash involved two cars, pickup truck. only one lane was open but all lanes have since reopened. police say one victim was taken to the hospital but died sometime later. and sky team 11 also over the scene of another accident. around 5:30 yesterday officials say while traveling northward a vehicle rolled over multiple times ejecting the driver from the car. the driver was taken to the hospital in grave condition. no word on what caused that driver to lose control. >> enough is enough. that's what state and local lawmakers are saying about a baltimore county business. officials say the establishment is a detriment to the community. >> it's a real problem. and the residents asked us to help and that's why we got involved. >> the scene of two murders in
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two months. now councilman david marks is joining four state lawmakers in urging the county'sly qur board to take action. >> we're not interested in shutting it down and putting the owner out of business but there should be a cooling off business. >> which could mean a revication of the license. the latest incident was september 1, when police say 25-year-old heywood tries stabbed one of the bouncers who was trying to break up a large fight. county officials say for the past several years there have been a copious amount of unfortunate issues including after parties in the parking lot which they say attributes to too much noise and litter. >> the security, they need to consider whether they need to close down earlier, to have a security presence there. >> a few patrons told us they should hire more security. but say the government is overreacting. the owner does a lot for the
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community including hosting barbecues in the parking lot. >> and no comment from nitesdzter bar's management nor the bar's attorney. >> 65 degrees at bwi. as the orioles battle for their first post season, fans are getting ready to snatch up tickets. >> warm today but cooler weather on the way. >> car seats safety. is your child's car seat installed correctly? the most fixable mistakes parents
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>> we have partly cloudy conditions right now over downtown baltimore. the inner harbor the warm spot, 72 degrees, humidity dropping down to 81%. winds out of the south. if you're keeping score, fall officially begins at 10:49 this morning. so we wave a fair well to summer. current temperatures right now. our current weather right now partly cloudy conditions over pretty much the entire state. a little more cloudy as we head further west as an approaching front is going to bring us a chance of some wet weather late this afternoon and into the evening hours. because of this low right here that's sitting over western pennsylvania. the good news here is that because of the southerly flow
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we have this low is going to hang out to the north of the greater baltimore area so we won't get pounding rains like they're seeing in portions of pennsylvania and new york at this hour. but as this front does approach, there is a chance for some thunder and lightning and some spotty showers. so just beware of that as you make plans later the afternoon and this evening the other story is the cool air behind this front that is going to reach us just in time for the ravens game. i'll tell you about that in just a minute. forecast for today 82 to degrees. could get mostly cloudy. we'll give it a 40% chance of a rain shower or a possible thundershower. future cast shows how it's going to roll out. we see the cloudy conditions throughout the day. the rain showers start picking up around 6:00. there's your best chance. and then after 10:00 it moves out into the early morning hours. we set ourselves up for high pressure to move in and some
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delightful conditions if you like fall weather. this evening just keep an umbrella spare. 57 to 61 degrees. again, 40 to 50% chance of showers under mostly cloudy skies. just be careful for those strikes of lightning. for the game tomorrow, 54 degrees and it could get chillier than that as the game goes on. it will be breezy. remember to bring a jacket to the game. the cool weather stays with us and things start warming up. we get another chance for rain both wednesday and thursday. won't be a washout just something to watch. temperatures in the mid 70s. >> as the orioles approach what could be their first post season in 15 years fans are getting ready. >> and really excited. playoff tickets gon on sale this morning. >> tickets this season. we come all the time. >> they're not alone. on average camden yards has
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seen about 4,000 more fans per game this year than they did last year. the orioles are on track to draw more than 2 million fans at home for the first time since 2007. die an joins a handful of fans buying tickets for late-season games. >> we thought they would be sold out at least the areas we were interested in so we felt lucky. >> tomorrow morning instead of being at the ticket office they plan to be in front of the computer hoping to score tickets for the post season. off playoff tickets must be purchased on line at the website and you can buy eight at once. >> people say hey we want to come to the first playoff game at camden yards at a while. if that's the case, unfortunately you will need to buy two tickets both for the wild card and division series game one because we don't know if we would get the wild card or the division title. >> but hopefully one of them.
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tickets to a potentially wild card game and the first game of the division series are expected to go fast. season ticket holders and those select ford the pre-sale had the first crack at it. the orioles will issue refunds for games that aren't played. but instead of taking it you could hold dates. >> the other option would be to roll that over into a ticket season plan for 2013. >> i just want the fans to feel the ballpark. if it's full and i have to watch it at home, that's cool. >> coming up from the runways of new york's fashion week to your clozzest we're going to show you how to recreate the exact same look for much, much less. saving money. also september is child safety month. up next what parents need to know the next time they buckle up and hit the road with their little one.
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securing the safety of your most precious cargo starts in this morning's consumer alert. a survey by the traffic administration found that many parents are making big mistakes. the survey found that 20% of parents admitted they don't read instruction manuals for installing safety seats. the biggest mistake they found were related to using the wrong slots for the seat belts or leaving the seats too loose. so this is national seat check saturday. a day to double check your
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child's car seat. some of the five safety tips that every parent should know this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> this is scary. you think you get in there and it's always not tight enough. that's the rule. so you have some five tips and the first is safety seat check. you need to find the right seat for your child. >> the right seat. a lot of times people will get maybe the seat that their previous child wrused or buy it on line or garage sale but they're made of plastic. they have an expiration date. so you want to make sure it's the right seat, it's in its useable time and matches your child based on their age, their weight and so forth. >> i think some people feel it's a ploy. you have a new child you need to buy another seat. >> no. it's a real concern. these are made of plastic. in an accident and there's extra stress there you don't see there might be some stress fractures.
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>> putting the seat in the right place is crucial. >> the right play is in the rear. treat your child like a vip. they'll be away from any frontal crashes also away from air bag incidents. >> you're talking about for an infant in the rear position. >> the rear seat and pointing towards the rear. at about abling two is is age two is when you can switch them. >> is middle still the best place to bo b? >> it's not for sure on that because the structure of today's vehicles are so robust and manage the crash energy around the capsule of the vehicle it doesn't really matter. but if you can put in the middle that's always smarter. >> the rules change from year to year. so right direct. that's what we just spoke about making sure after two you switch it around. but before then it should be in that rear facing position. >> that's right. also, you should look at when you install the seat make sure it's tight. i had a daughter in these seats
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and there were times when i didn't do this right and i'm ashade to say. you want to make that is in there tight and securely. give it a shake. if it moves more than an inch you need to tighten it down. >> inch and pinch? >> that's right. and the pinch is when you get the child into the seat make sure that the ligclib goes just around their shoulders and then give it a pinch. if it has too much movement you need to buckle down tighter r. say you do all that and you think you've done everything right. where can you take your child and seat to make sure it's installed correctly. >> the fire department have trained people to make sure the seated is installed correctly. it's really in their best interest. that the child is safe. because that could make their job easier and safer in the long run. >> thanks for coming in. very nice to meet you. >> my pleasure. >> don't go away. dr. kim is here to answer your pet questions with a big great dane when we come back.
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first a look at some of the events going on around town.
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>> welcome back. this is sherman. >> this is sherman. >> he's aching for mommy.
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>> he's a-year-old great dane. come here. >> he is huge. >> he is huge. come here. >> she or he? >> he. >> ok. anyway. how are you? >> good. how are you you've got your hands full. >> we're a bill of a fan here. >> go o's. >> the collar with the coast the oriole collar. >> let's get right to the questions. my 17-year-old cat seems to be confused crying and unaware of where she is. can cats get a form of also himer's? >> probably not. there are lots of reasons for that. you're probably only hearing half of that. but if it's only happening at night. you want to see what's around the perimeter if there's noise from the neighbors or things like that. we're teaching sherman how to sing for christmas.
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she really wants her mother. sherman is saying i love wbal tv. >> i can understand him. >> good old sherman. >> all right. if we can get another question in here. my dog is a terrible digger and is ruining our back yard. how can we stop her from this bad habit? >> i'm going to let you take over. >> first of all, there are ways to stop this bad habit. you may have to call me after the show. but basically sometimes if you put a little wading pool in the yard with a little bit of water, the animals get in that and it seems to help them a lot. start feeding your dog canned food because it seems to work. there is lots of reasons for it. what do you think? are you happy?
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mom is right over there. go to mom. >> there he goes. see, that wasn't so bad. all right. we ran out of time. >> sherman took over. what can i say. it must be the first day of fall thing. more news coming up. stay with us.
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>> welcome back to 11 news saturday morning. thanks for joining us. >> here with another look outside. so excited you are about fall. >> i am. you'll be able to take a run today. you said you wanted to do that and needed to get some exercise. >> are you trying to say something? >> no. i should break these two up. you have no idea. >> you said you need to take a run. >> i'm going to. >> i was going to try to go hit some golf balls the last bit of warm weather. lisa's very cranky. you should be over your cranky. it's almost 9:30. we've been up since 3:30. >> today is fall. >> 10:49 today. showing some partly cloudy conditions over the greater baltimore area and parts of
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carol county and montgomery county. nothing too much to worry about as we head into the morning hours here. 70 degrees. then into the afternoon. partly cloudy conditions we'll hit about 79 degrees and then a front moves through with increasing clouds chance of rain of about 40%. some cool air behind that front and i'll tell you how cold in a couple of minutes. >> in this morning's educational alert. a national report just out shows that 67% of baltimore county's african american males fished high school last year. baltimore county's black male graduation rate is fourth in the nation but trails montgomery county and school districts in new jersey and north carolina. a wood lawn high school program which targets african american males could help improve those numbers. >> the number is low i guess nationwide is good but our
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expectedation is a lot higher. we can do more and better. i think under leadership of dr. dance we're able to keep the initiative that we're here. >> 57% of african american males in maryland graduated from high school. that ranks the state 24th in the nation. >> students at six baltimore county schools will be a bit cooler come next year prompted by demands from parents school board officials are adding air conditions units. here is a list of some of the schools slateded. six of them by 2013. 12 more schools by 2014. we do have a list of all these schools on our website. just go to and click on education alert. >> 9:32. coming up, high street and elegant look from the runway of fashion week. how you can incorporate those styles into your ward robe for a lot less. >> going vegan doesn't mean the end of everything delicious and good. in the kitchen with the sisters
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and authors of spork-if he had cook book. >> fall is here and the cool temperatures are just a day away.
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>> good morning. we have partly cloudy conditions right now over the inner harbor. 72 degrees, 67 at the airport. winds out of the south at 7 miles per hour. by the way, final reminder at 10:49 this morning it is officially fall. so so long, summer. hardly knew you. come back, please. current temperatures right now.
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a great day in ocean city today. just a little breezy but they'll have temperatures in the 70s and sunny. current weather right now shows a little cloud cover over the greater baltimore area. a couple other areas of clouds as well if you head further west where they're dealing with this approaching front that's going to give us a chance of some rain showers later today into the evening hours because this low that's sitting over pennsylvania right now and it's going to push through here. the good news is because of the southerly winds that we're seeing right now it's going to keep that system to the north of us so the heaviest rain right now as you can see in portions of western new york and northern pennsylvania. so we won't have to deal with that. however, as the front moves through we could see some spotty showers, a couple heavy downpours and possibly rumbles of thunder. so we'll keep the rain chances
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at 40 to 50%. the cool air behind this front, once the front moves through, it's going to bring low temperatures in the high 40's to low 50s. that means great football weather for tomorrow night's ravens game. as far as today is concerned, partly cloudy. 82-86. look out for those isolated thunderstorms later in the afternoon. we'll give it a 40% chance of an afternoon shower. around the state low 70s in the mountains to about 80 in southern maryland as we said they're going to have a great day at 78 degrees under mostly sunny skies. future cast shows the cloud cover and the precipitation starts to form around 5:00 through 7:30, 8, 9, out by 10 and we head into the early morning hours tomorrow into sunday and we can see high pressure is definitely in control. as we showed you there on that map, cool air behind that front. so 57 to 61 tonight under mostly cloudy skies.
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50% chance of a shower but by midnight it's out of here. and for the game by kickoff low 50s. that could drop further as the game goes on. so bring a jacket. the cool conditions stay with us on monday. high of about 67. we hit a warming trend and chance for rain both on wednesday and thursday. as you can see temperatures remain comfortable in the mid 70s. >> the removal of a woman's uteruss is a major surgery but a fairly common one. the reasons vary. but what's life like after? the answer in this morning's woman's doctor. >> kim roberts suffered from chronic fiberoids for years that severely impacted her quality of life every month. >> losing a lot of blood my iron was very low. and the thought of having a
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menstrual every month just killed me. it was the worst thing. the worst feeling ever. i was sick a week before i had the menstrual and then even weeks after. i was never good. >> once her son was born, she felt her family was complete. she already had a daughter so she decided to follow the recommendation of dr. bretta at mercy medical center and went ahead with the surgery. she says it changed her lie. >> i feel great. >> kim admits she was initially apprehensive. a lot of myths need to be dispelled particularly about how it affects a woman's sex life. >> it doesn't have any impact on that. but if the patient does not have a good sexual life before the hysterectomy, it's still going to be the same because it has nothing to do to impair or improve.
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in many cases this is to improve because there's no more bleeding. >> as for kim she feels better than ever. rir still feel like a woman. i feel actually better. i'm healthier because i don't have to take iron pills three four times a day to try to get energy. so it's -- i say go. if you need to do it, do it. because you will feel better. >> the doctor is here with more information. >> good morning. >> hysterectomy is a last resort. >> that's correct. that should be the very last resort. if there is anything else that can be done to avoid a histrect my it should be done. >> and is there any kind of horm only therapy that needs to be done? >> not unless you remove ovaries. then you will have to have a hormen therapy. but it's part of the men pause syndrome. >> the good news is you have
9:41 am
less invasive procedures for this operation. >> that's very correct. we don't have to make the big incision in the abdomen. although unfortunately we cannot do this 100%. there are cases where we have to make the incision. but in our survey about 90% are done endo scopically. >> and with robertic instruments. >> yes. there is a robert called da vinci which helps us to do the procedure endo scopically. it provides a 3-d vision so everything is a lot easier. >> so the recovery period is going to be a lot quicker. >> absolutely. comparing the big incision with very tiny incisions, there's no question about it. the benefit is for the patient. >> nationwide we are about 40% endo scopic and 60% -- we need the 90% that we're talking about. >> thank you very much for coming in.
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>> if you have any other quess or if you would like a referral call. >> runway fashion looks for much less. we'll show you when we come back.
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>> welcome back. queen elits beth elton jon and kateie perry took on fashion week. the presentation of the latest collection the spoof of the celebrity world. a photograph famous for her sense of humor brought together both celebs and sent up the culture into the fashion world. speaking of fashion our stylist
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has pulled together runway looks from new york's fashion week and has recreated the same looks for a whole lot less. good morning. >> good morning. >> this is what we like to hear. how you can look like a celebrity but pay less money. >> exactly. fashion week just wrapped up. for anyone who is not fam already it is much more than a fashion show. it's a chance for designers to show the clothing but forecast the styles. >> so not what we're seeing this year but next year. >> so fashion week shows clothing for the spring and summer of next year. >> you have some pictures to show us. so let's see the new york look first. >> ok. so this is a look that's inspired by vivian westwood red label. and the model that i have here is shay. and this look in the photo is from london fashion week. shay here has on something very similar. vivian westwood her collection this year is 50's inspired. the card dan very cool makes it a little retro.
9:46 am
>> the leather skirt. the little graphic tee. she's very -- this is like more of a young and fun look. very comfortable and a little retro. difference in price probably thousands. correct? >> a lot. all the clothing today is from macy's and white marsh locally. so she looks like she might have just come off the runway. >> she looks absolutely beautiful. >> yes. >> all right. love that skirt. let's see our next picture. this is more business like. >> yes. this look here is from oscar de la rent. this is from new york fashion week. we took this look, this is the opening look from his runway show. and rochelle here has on something very, very similar, very beautiful. she looks awesome. >> sophisticated. >> the blazers are back this year? >> blazers are back. i love this look when you think of a suit you get off the hanger the matching coat, the matching skirt or pants. so this is a great look.
9:47 am
it's ok to kind of mix tex turs and colors. she has almost an uptown girl business look going on. >> red white and blue. >> yes. >> we can't leave the guys out too. thank you very much. >> so we have a look from new york fashion week featuring a very handsome male. >> yes. the look that you are seeing is from michael cors. in his collection this year you see two things, stripes and color. so the suit here that derek has on has both of those elements. we put them in a very nice crisp gray suit. he has on the striped col lard shirt. the thing i love is his tie. >> bright yellow. so it shows that he's about business but he's also about style. >> and collar and making it pop. >> making it pop. the tie makes the outfit. >> and again all from macy's. >> locally. yes. >> so just pay attention to what's going on you can recreate it. >> thank you very much.
9:48 am
>> thank you. >> this next look sort of reminds me of the 0s. >> this is aby. and the look that you're seeing is from the rachel zoe collection. new york fashion week. and the inspiration that she says for her collection is the girl who you see walking around in l.a. she's care free, still fashionable. this is very nice look. the colored jeans are in. >> she wears it absolutely beautifully. trr colors and the prints very beautiful. >> not leggings and not the jeggings but the type of skinny pants. >> these are more jeans. and we went to the men's department and got her a if he had ora. >> no kidding. >> who says we can't wear boy hats. >> all the models back on here to say good-bye and take one last look. absolutely lovely. >> i would love to say thank you to about face for hair and makeup. thank you. >> thank you very much. we want to let people know you can find more of these fashions on your web site lana ray
9:49 am please stay was. local has another look at your weekend forecast. >> coming up in sports the orioles kick off their season in what has become typical fashion they get the win but here's bad blood boiling
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>> when the orioles enter their series having won five out of six games at fenway this season their last trip up to boston started off pretty darned well they make it six out of seven this season again. the red sox orioles
9:52 am
representation. matt had himself a great night. double downed the line at right that scored a pair orioles up 2-1 now tied at 2. base knocked into left. 3-2 game. robert takes one in the head. mike there will be rhett bution for that i suspect. jim comes on to close. no rhett bution just setting a franchise record for saves in the season with 46 and getting a win. here are your standings right now up to date in the american league the yankees still a 1-game lead over the orioles after they knocked off the a's in extra innings. baltimore has one five in a row at 86 and 64. that is a season high. tampa bay won but math matically they're still alive but you can see their chance force make the post season absolutely slim.
9:53 am
u let's check a little high school football then. on a friday night. there's kyle smith, he was the ravens coach of the week. five yards for 13-0. then just before the half, capping off a 75-yard drive. 12 yards and the keeper extra point no good. 13-6 is your score. fourth quarter. running right, finds a big hole gets into the end zone. two point conversion. no good. so it's 13-12. puts the game away on offense. long reach bit of a surprise. that's a look at sports. we'll see you back here tonight at 6:00. joined now in the kitchen. a celebrity chef and sisters jenny and heather the authors of this new book spork fed
9:54 am
super fub and flavorful vegan rezzpis and welcome. >> thanks for having us. >> oh, we're sisters. >> that's fine. show us what are you going to make for us today? >> we're going to make a strawberry cream cheese stuffed french toast but it's all vegan. this product is a strawberry cream chief alternative. we use this product because we love it. >> go ahead and get started. you have been vegan for how long? >> for about 13 years. we don't look alike but we are sisters. and we've been working together for many years. we hear you're a great cook and you specifically love french toast and pan cakes. >> we're making this for you. so we're going to start with our strawberry cream cheese. it is going to be in stores in november. >> and we have a piece of toast if you want to try it on there.
9:55 am
you can see if it tastes like cream cheese. it's like regular cream cheese it has that nice and rich and creamy flavor. we're throwing strawberries for a little extra strawberry flare. >> we love it. >> did you know strawberries aren't really a berry? they're technically related to the rose. >> i knew that. >> it tastes like cream cheese. >> i don't taste any difference. >> we're also going to incorporate some syrup and cinnamon and vanilla extract to give this flare. >> it doesn't sound like that would be good. >> we're going to prove it to you. we're going to prove to you that it's so delicious. >> the brown rice syrup is a natural sweet anywhere so it's really easy for your body to integrate the minerals. >> go ahead. we're going to make what's equivalent of a pan cake batter but instead of using eggs we're
9:56 am
using flour, two different kinds, baking powder, cinnamon al you will spice and sea salt. then vanilla and almond extract because we want to make this taste as much like desert. maple syrup. none of this corn syrup in disguise business. the real deal. and then once you mix that with almond milk you get a batter. spread your bread. >> i've never heard of doing this. we're making stuffed french toast. put it together. dip it in the batter. put it on your grill. >> you're also chefs to the stars. who do you cook for? >> we cook for emily and zoe they wrote the forward to our cookbook and kristin is a client of ours and a few others. so once it's on the griddle, this is the finished product. what's amazing is it has no cholesterol because the cream cheese doesn't have any.
9:57 am
we're using also a bunch of different alternatives to cheese. we have this vegan motsrella cheese. >> you can make vegan tacos. >> natchos, tacos, mack and cheese. anything you want. >> is this good if you're lactose intolerant. >> anybody -- >> i love a bite. fun recipes from the sisters of spork food. thanks for having us. >> thank you. >> very good. delicious. >> thank you. >> 40% chance of thunderstorms later this afternoon into teevepbing hours. >> thank you for coming. >> thank you. >> thanks for joining us.
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back here tomorrow at 5:00.
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